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 Information about stabilized woods
What is stabilized wood?
Different industries will have different definitions of what is stabilized wood.
For carpentry and general construction stabilized wood can be wood that is fully dried and stable. No longer prone to movement caused by green wood drying. Hence stabilized.
Furniture makers may call wood that has been dried and seasoned in climate controlled conditions stabilized.
In woodturning they treat green wood with a chemical that will limit cracking as the green wood dries. The wood is still green and wet. This enables them to turn the wood easily, but they still have to deal with the drying of the wood.

 Wood that is to be used for knife handle material is stabilized in it's own unique way.
The purpose of stabilizing wood for use as knife handle materials is to make the wood more durable and less prone to cracking or moving.
Dry wood to be stabilized is placed in a chamber under a vacuum. The stabilizing agent (chemicals) are released into the chamber with the wood. The wood and chemicals undergo a period of time under vacuum followed by a time under high pressure. After the wood has been completely penetrated or infused with the chemicals the wood is then heat cured in ovens. This changes the liquid stabilizing agent into a solid. When properly done the chemicals penetrate the wood grain and fibers and turn into a solid giving the wood additional weight and hardness for increased durability. This helps to limit or eliminate warping, cracking and other problems that can occur with wood when used under extreme conditions. Stabilized wood is usually easier to work with and finish than natural wood because some open pores and voids become filled and the wood now has a more evenly distributed hardness.
All of our stabilized woods have been professionally stabilized by K&G (Knife & Gun Finishing Supply in Arizona). They are one of the old timers when it comes to stabilizing wood specifically for use on knives and guns.
 How do you finish stabilized wood?
Good results can be had with most stabilized woods by sanding to about 600 grit followed by a light buffing. A much better finish can be attained by sanding the wood to 1000+ grit. Then apply a light coat of tung or danish oil. After that dries apply a coat of paste wax and hand buff with an old towel. This method tends to give more depth and flash to figured woods. Be careful when power buffing woods. Some woods are prone to smearing or the wood taking on a muddy look when power buffed. If this occurs you will need to re-sand your handle to remove the smeared or muddy surface.

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The woods we feature in our web store were cut special for custom knife makers who don't want to use plain looking knife handle materials. Every piece listed in our webstore is photographed individually with large photos showing both sides of each piece so you can pick out the pieces you like best. Our wood comes with a No Questions Asked, Money Back Guarantee.

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