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Knife Handle Woods 
 This store contains blocks, scales & big burl pieces so you can cut your own
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Directory of Custom Knife Makers

Directory of Custom Knife Makers 
This section will contain links and contact information for Custom Knife Makers as well as suppliers of specialized materials and services for custom knife making. If you would like to be included drop me a note with your website address at We will normally be able to review your site and make a determination within a couple days.
Jim Adams - Black Toe Knives
Hand Made fixed blade knives

Frank Aguirre - Big River Knives 
Handmade knives and kydex or leather sheaths. Knives that are meant to be used. 

Nick Allen - NWA Knives
Toughest Knives On The Trail

Karl B. Andersen - Andersen Forge 
ABS Journeyman Smith - Amazing Knives

E. R. (Russ) Andrews II MS - Russ Andrews Knives
ABS Mastersmith - Absolutely Stunning Knives

Bob Appleby - Appleby Knives
Excellent hand made knives & tomahawks

Shane Paul Atwood - S.P.A. Custom Knives
Best New Knife Maker of the Blade West show 2009!

Magnus Axelson - Handmade Knives by Magnus Axelson
Amazing handmade knives and swords by Swedish Knife maker
Jim Baker - JB Knives
Stunning handmade fixed blade and folding knives
Butch Ball - Ball Custom Knives
Absolutely Stunning Folders and Fixed Blade Knives

Matthew Bailey - Matt Bailey's Custom Knives
Excellent hand forged knives with stunning hamons

Mark Banfield - Mark Banfield Custom Knives
One of a kind Hand Forged Knives

John Barker - Barker Knives
Tactical Knives made for hard use

Terry Barkes - Barkes Knife Shop
My desire is to make the best possible knife I can for the user.

Bruce Barnett - Barnett Custom Knives
Awesome Knives - Western Australia Knife maker

Bruce Bump - ABS Mastersmith
In my opinion, one of the best. Amazing, museum grade knives.

Nathan Burgess - Burgess Knives
"Hand Made for Use"

Burton - Burton Cutlery
Very nice hand made knives

Stanley Buzek - S Buzek Knives
Quality Hand Made Cutlery

Ed Caffrey - ABS Mastersmith - The Montana Bladesmith
On 29 January, 2009 Ed Caffrey was inducted into The Montana Circle of American Masters.

Ruben Calo - Calo Custom Knives
Unique one of a kind knives

Henry Cambron - World Class Knives
Made by hand, one at a time

Chad Carroll - Carroll Knives
ABS Journeyman Bladesmith - Specializing in Hunters & Folders. Also Bowies, Swords, Integrals, Tomahawks & Daggers

Kevin Casey - Kevin Casey Custom Knives
Stunning Museum Quality Folders and Fixed Blade Knives

Jason Clark - Clark Custom Knives
Handmade Frame lock folders, Liner lock folders, & Fixed blade knives 

John M Cohea - JMC Knives
Frontier Style Knives, Hawks, and Leather

Dave Cole - DC Knives and Leather
Knifemaker and Leatherworker - Makes Excellent Knife Sheaths

Chuck Cook - Scout Knives
Impressive Hand made knives

Lamont Coombs JR - Coombs Handmade
Stunning Hand made fixed blade knives

Brent Cramer - Brent Cramer Custom Knives
Very Fine Custom Folding Knives

Zoe Crist - Zoe Crist Damascus and Custom Knives
All my work is sole authorship. I forge all my own Damascus and the blades are forged to shape before the grinding begins.

Toby Crocker - Toby Crocker Custom Knives
Truly awesome hand made knives.

Kevin D Cross - KDC Knives
Very talented knife maker

William Crump - Crumps Forge
Artistic blacksmith, specializing in knives

David Curtiss - Curtiss Knives
Great Lakes Waterjet - Knife Parts and Tools Maker, Knifemaker

Nathan Dallyn - Dallyn Knives
Handmade with pride in Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Robert Dark - Dark Custom Knives
Hand made knives by forging and stock removal methods


Doug Dart - DP Knives
Beautiful hand made knives at reasonable prices

Brian Davis - Brian Davis Custom Knives
Home of high quality handmade custom fixed blade and slip joint knives from the heart of Texas.
Todd Davison - T.A. Davison Custom Knives 
Custom folders and traditional slip joint pocket knives

Walter Davis - Walt's Knives
Excellent Hand made knives

Jose Diaz - Diaz Tools
Affordable knives and tools for everyone 

Phillip Dobson - Phillip Dobson Boxes and Knives
Excellent knives and Museum Grade Boxes

Delbert Ealy - Delbert Ealy Knives - Mokume Jewelry
Laminated metals specialist. Amazing knives and Jewelry

Wick Ellerbe - Historical Knives
A variety of knives suitable for the 18th century woodsman, longhunter, militiaman and even for the gentleman and ladies

Curt Erickson - Curt Erickson Knives
Some of the most stunning knives I have ever seen.
Ken Erickson - Ken Erickson Knives
Maker of traditional pocket knives

Brad Fairall - Fairall Designs
Very unusual custom folders and fixed blade knives

David Farmer - D. Farmer Knives
Very nice hand made knives

Brian W Flud - Flud Unlimited Custom Knives
Very unique folders

Stephan Fowler - Stephan Fowler Blades
Apprentice American Bladesmith Society. American style Bowies & Hunting knives

Daniel Frazee - Crazy Frazee Forge
Handmade knives and rings. One at a time

Erik Fritz - Erik Fritz Custom Knives
Most of my blades are forged to shape using traditional methods that have been used by bladesmiths for centuries. Each knife is tested for performance and only the highest quality knife will leave my shop.

Jason Fry - Fry Custom Knives
Knives are at the same time tools and works of art. A pretty knife that doesn’t hold an edge isn’t much of a knife. On the other hand, an ugly knife isn’t any better than what can be bought at the store for much less. I try to make every knife both functional and beautiful.

Travis Fry - Custom Knives by Travis Fry
I make each knife to be beautiful but useful as a tool and functional pieces of art.

Buddy Gaines - GainesKnives
Quality Custom Handmade Knives Since 1985

Les George - George Knives
I make knives because I like knives. I make knives, because I enjoy the field and the people that are in it. Mostly though, someone else put it best, "I make knives because I can't help myself!"

Bruce F. Godlesky - BirdogForge
Tomahawks and knives using both forging & stock removal methods

Brian Goode - B. Goode Knives
Very nice hand made knives

Scott Gossman - Gossman Knives
Big Game Hunting and Survival Knives

Dan Graves -
Museum Quality Custom Handmade Forged Knives.

Dan Gray - Gray Knives
Truly Custom made for you, lets go over your Ideas and make them come true.

Shawn Greacen - Balibalistic Knives
Hand made Balisongs 

Gary W. Griffin - Griffin Made Knives
Custom and one of a kind Hunters, Fighters, swords, daggers and axes

Robert Hankins - Arizona Kidd Custom Knives
Extreme Fighting Blades 

Don Hanson III - Sunfish Forge
ABS Mastersmith - Without a doubt, one of the best!

Tom Halloran - Tom Halloran Knives
Tools For the Front Lines

Lloyd Richard Harner III - Harner Knives
Excellent hand made knives and razors 

Jim Harrison - Seamus Knives
"If I'm not asleep, this is probably what I'm doing"

Dr JP Hrisoulas, COL NANG (Ret) - Salamander Armoury
Bladesmith & Author: The Complete Bladesmith, The Master Bladesmith, The Pattern Welded Blade, Soon to be released:"The Hand Crafted Blade:Tools and Techniques for Craftsmen"

Wayne Jarrett - Jarrett Knives
High quality custom knives and sheaths for hunters, guides and collectors.

 Alex Jacques - A. Jacques Razorsmith
Specializing in Straight Razors - These are a "Must See!" 

Trisak Jeeracheeveekul (Yun) - Yuna Knives
Hand made Tactical Folders - Amazing knives with stunning original designs. Another one of my favorites.

Keith R Johnson - Great River Forge
Hand Forged Knives

Richard J - Richard J's Knives And Sharpening Service 
Hand made knives and sharpening services

Michael Kanter - Adam Michael Knives
Custom Hand Made Knives

Mike Keeney - Stoney Creek Forge Iron Works
Authentic crafted period pieces, custom art work, custom knives, gates and railings, and jewelry are all located at this web site.

John Kiedaisch - JK Handmade Knives
Intended for Hunters, Campers and all Outdoorsman

Mark Knapp - Mark Knapp Custom Knives
A truly custom knife is made to the customer's personal needs and preferences.

Eric Knight - Nitro Custom Knives
Custom Knives at a practical price.
Tim Lambkin - Chops Knives
Custom Made Knives you love to collect - hunting knives with quality

John Landi - Landi Knives
It has been my desire to create knives that could be useful and obtainable by many different types of people, knives that could stand up to hard abuse, and that would last a lifetime. Knives that would stand at the high end of cutlery, but would allow access to many.

Dave Larsen - Made by Dave Larsen
More knives have come out of my little work space than any other class of metalwork. But sometimes I like to make things like jigs, jewelry and armor, and get into collaborations on objects like armillary, rayguns and of course, knives.

Patrice Lemée - Patrice Lemée Custom Knives
Very nice hand crafted knives

Tod Lowe - Crystal Creek Knives
Part time knife-maker using the “stock removal” method with High Carbon steel and Stainless Steel.

Tad Lynch - Knives by Tad Lynch
Very nice hand made knives with great hamons

Nicholas Marcelja - Red Troll Forge
Damascus pattern welded blades. From knives to swords 

Rick Marchand - Wildertools
ABS Apprentice Smith. High quality, practical, custom-made tools and accessories

Gene Martin - Provision Forge
I do both stock removal and forging, since I believe there is a place for both arts. I make my own damascus and mosaic damascus.

Russell "Rusty" McDonald - R.B.McDonald Custom Knives
ABS Apprentice - Quality hand forged blades and slipjoints

Don McIntosh - McIntosh Knives
ABS Journeyman Bladesmith.

Ryan Minchew - Minchew Knives
Excellent fixed blade knives and folders

Richard Morgan - Tinbasher's custom knives
Hand made knives to your specs. Busse pimping takes up a lot of my time nowadays.

Michael Morris - Morris Knives
Hand made knives from files & other hand made fixed blade knives

David L. Mosier - DM Knives
Hand Made Tactical Knives

J. Neilson - Neilson's Mountain Hollow
ABS Mastersmith - Forging a large variety of knives for just about every taste & need 

Allen Newberry - Newberry Knives
"An exceptional value in quality handmade knives."

Larry Nowicki - Nowicki Custom Knives
Hand forged custom knives

Sean O'Hare - O'Hare Knives
Custom knives to last a lifetime.

Anthony Oostendorp - East Village Knives
Very talented Knife Maker from the Netherlands
Stephen Osborne - Master Bladesmith North River Custom Knives
Quality Custom Knives, Tomahawks & Trade Axes, Hand Forged Period Reproductions.

Chris Palmer - Scorpion Bows & Knives
The Ultimate Bows, Knives, Swords, & Spears

Phillip Patton - Handcrafted Knives by Phillip Patton
Hand made knives, swords and sheaths

David F. Pitt - Bearpaw Custom Knives
Hand made fixed blade knives

Jim P Poling - Iron Traditions
Quality custom forged knives since 1983.
Mike Quesenberry - Quesenberry Custom Knives
ABS Journeyman Bladesmith, "A custom knife should do three things well: Be visually appealing, well-balanced in the hand, and hold a razor-sharp edge."

Richard Ramsey - Ramsey's Custom Knives
Unique Handmade Knives 

Patrick Randall - Patrick Knives
Handmade folding and fixed blade knives

Steve Randall - KSR Blades
Hand Forged Knives

Rob Ridley - Ranger Original Handcrafted Knives
 Ranger Original KnifeMakers Supply Store

Fred Rowe - Bethel Ridge Forge
Hand-forged Knives from maker Fred Rowe

Andy Roy - Fiddleback Forge
Simple hardworking knives with comfortable handles 

Ariel Salaverria - AES Custom Knives
Knifemaker from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Very unique works.

Joe Sangster - Sangster Custom Knives
Individually hand-crafted with handles designed using rare woods and bone from around the world.

Brett Schaller - Schaller Handmade Knives
Quality framelocks, locking-liners, and fixed blade knives

A. D. Sharpe - Sharpe Knives
High Quality, unique hand made knives.

David Schott - Schott Knives
Very impressive hand made fixed blade knives

Shawn Shropshire - SDS Knifeworks 
Practical hunting & outdoors knives to tactical, hard use knives for military & law enforcement

Bill Siegle - Siegle Knives
Working class fixed blade knives for folks who will use and enjoy them

JW Smith & Sons
Excellent hand made knives. A good source for hand tooled leather sheaths. 

Stuart Smith - Smith Hand Forged Knives
Full time Bladesmith dedicated to the art of the forged knife

F. Page Steinhardt - Sunshadow Design
Jewelry, Knives and SCA Fencing Weapons

Salem Straub - Promethean Knives
Hand forged knives and other hand forged items

Ernie Swanson - Ernie Swanson Knives
Hunting style knives and custom knives built to order.
Andrew Takach - Takach Forge
Quality Handmade Knives

Brian Thie - Thie Knives
ABS Journeyman Smith. Sole author of knives from simple to fancy and embellished

Devin Thomas - Devin Thomas Damascus
Exotic Damascus Patterns

Jarod Todd - JT Custom Knives
Machinist & Excellent Knife maker

Brion R. Tomberlin - Anvil Top Custom Knives
ABS Mastersmith - Amazing Knives

Henry Torres - Henry Torres Custom Knives
ABS Master Bladesmith

Louis Tortorich - Tortorich Knives and Hawks
ABS Apprentice Bladesmith. Handmade Knives and Tomahawks

Mike Turner - Mike Turner Custom Knives
Custom knives using many different materials.
Ross Tyser - RT Custom Knives
 I make anything with an edge – from kitchen knives to hunting knives and anything in between. Damascus or Stainless.

Les Voorhies - Les Voorhies Hand made Knives 
Amazing Handmade Folders

Michael R Wall - Sandown Forge
Custom Hand Made Knives

Arthur D. Washburn - ADW Custom Knives
Exceptional Hand Made Folders and Fixed Blade Knives

Robert Washburn - Washburn Knives
ABS Journeyman Bladesmith - Hand Forged Knives

Cory Wendling - Wendling Knives
Hand Made Custom Knives

David Wesner - Kelsey Creek Knifeworks
Specializes in custom knives using a variety of materials. The knives are completely
handmade from start to finish using both the forged and stock removal methods.

Eddie White - Shadow Knives
''Feel the difference HANDMADE makes''

Dale Whitesell - Whitesell Custom Knives
Knives so sharp you could shave hair off a NATS behind
Stuart Willis - S. Willis Forge
Hand Forged 18th-19th Century Tomahawks, Axes and Knives

Curtis Wilson - Wilson's Custom Knives
Custom Knives, Engraving, and Scrimshaw

Mike Wilson - Wilson Custom Knives
Hand Crafted Fixed Blades and Folders
Ken Wolfe - Grey Wolf Knives
Knifemaker who uses Art, Engraving and Sculpting in his Knifemaking